"We strive to be inspired by the

Holy Spirit and passionate about
Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior."

Sugar Creek Mennonite Church


Sugar Creek Mennonite Women

Practicing Presence

Sugar Creek Mennonite Women meet the first Wednesday of each month in the church fellowship hall for a time to quilt and fellowship together.

(Wayland Mennonite, Bethel Mennonite, Pleasant View Mennonite)



President:                                      Kathy Yoder


Vice President:                             Barb Boshart


Secretary/Treasurer:                  Winifred Wilt


Project Manager:                         Opal Reschly


Quilt Committee:                          Eldora Boshart and Donna Rinner


Kitchen Committee:                     Orpha Yoder, Marcia Roth and Doris Nelson


Hospitality Committee:                Vi Graber, Lucy Leichty


Crowded Closet Packing:           Judy Roth and Carole Reschly


Spiritual Life/Wellness:             Ermadine Boshart

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