"We strive to be inspired by the

Holy Spirit and passionate about
Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior."

Sugar Creek Mennonite Church


Nathan Luitjens, Pastor

Rachelle Luitjens, Pastor

Katie Roth, Secretary

Board of Elders

Church Council

Site Visited: 

Nathan Luitjens, pastor                                     Rachelle Luitjens, pastor


                Maria Roth & Lisa Graber, Office Managers                        Wendy Pickard, custodian

                                Garry Leichty                                                             Lori Leichty
                               Event custodian                                                       Event Custodian


 Board of Elders
 3-year term
 Pam Gerig Unruh
Ron Scarff
Mike Roth


 Church Council 
 Council Chairperson
Bob Meyer
 Treasurer  Wendy Scarff
 Secretary  Lori Miller
 Chair of Education
Jen Slagel
 Chair of Extension
Dana Oswald
 Chair of Facilities
Sheldon Miller
 Chair of Fellowship & Service
 Karole MIller
 Chair of Worship
 Jan Shelman
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